2016 Early Wine

Less than two months from the vineyard to your glass, our 13th vintage of Early Wine has been released! “The 2016 Early Wine offers green apple, lime and floral aromas,” said Macari winemaker Kelly Koch. “A slight effervescence and bright acidity keep it fresh and balanced.” The wine is medium in body and as in years past it remains fun, fresh and vibrant. 

"I look forward to this wine’s release every year...It’s always the first wine from the new vintage to hit store shelves, serving as a harbinger for Thanksgiving as well as the winter holidays. You really can think of it as Long Island’s Beaujolais Nouveau — except it’s delicious. It was just bottled so probably isn’t quite revealing its full self just yet, but it’s already bursting with juicy green apple and citrus notes. There is a delicate floral aromatic as well along with something that hints at grassy but isn’t quite so overt. Though distinctly drier than last year’s bottling, it’s just as fruity-fresh with juicy citrus and fresh, floral flavors. There is still a subtle sweetness here, but plenty of crunchy acid to balance it." — Lenn Thompson, NY Cork Report